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Meet OptiPro and the Smart Manufacturing Platform that connects your people, systems, machines, and supply chains.


Track, Translate, & Optimize Your Data.

Clear data is the bedrock of efficiency. With OptiPro, you can make operational decisions with maximum confidence to eliminate waste.

Integrated Device Manager

OptiPro's Device Manager gathers your weights and measures data through IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) nodes in real time from across your facility.

Data Translation

Once gathered, OptiPro translates your legacy device data into a unified, easy-to-understand format that is accessible through any web- or mobile-based browser.

Unified, Cloud-Based Dashboard

OptiPro's Dashboard integrates device data into an insightful and informative format.This real-time, unified dataspace delivers insights you need to reverse negative trends and optimize waste out of your processes.

Graph Drilldown & Alerts

Isolate data for specific devices and/or investigate devices overfilling or underfilling outside your defined thresholds. Receive custom email and SMS alerts when a monitored process deviates outside the lines.

End your operational waste.

Maximize your profit with fully confident operational decisions.