Shop Services

Years from now, you'll have no doubt you made the right choice. B&D Industrial’s mechanical rebuilds, repairs, and machining solve your problems for the long run.

Shop services

Sustainable and Long-Lasting

B&D Industrial’s holistic approach to Shop Services represents our obsession with helping you solve long-term problems. Working within the requirements of your environment, space, and unique needs, we solve your reliability issues so you can stop worrying and move to the next task.

Rotating Equipment

Trust our unmatched knowledge of gearing, bearings, reducers, drive shafts, and couplings and how they relate to machine performance. We uncover, identify the root causes ruining your reliability.

Machine Services

We’ll work alongside you to optimize machine performance according to your custom goals and specifications. B&D’s full range of design and diagnostic capabilities limits your unplanned downtime with maintenance and identifies failure points.

Gearbox Rebuild & Repair

We use high-quality products and thorough quality assurance procedures to rebuild or repair your gearbox to its most reliable state - sometimes to higher standards than the original OEM produced in the first place.


Getting the right part at the right price is easy when you know where to look. We scour our inventory and hand-select surplus components and machines so you can get special deals on your fixes.

Our Strategic Partners

B&D Industrial partners with the foremost manufacturers, suppliers, and certifying bodies in the industry.

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