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"Thanks for all your help! Is your nickname "Superstar?" If it is not it should be. It takes talented people like you to get something almost impossible "POSSIBLE." Our customer thanks you for a job well done. Thanks again."

Kevin N.

Thanks again Vonda for leaving us those bearings! That's why I like dealing with you all, always willing to help!

Lee H.

The installation for the Soft PLC went well. I want to thank both Terry and Aaron for their dedication to their work. They stayed until the job was complete.

Tim A.

Aaron stayed with us all day and into the night in the rainy nasty weather. We will never forget this.

Michael C.

I just wanted to share with you guys the awesome job we accomplished yesterday. Brad thank you so much for the quick response and help with the crossover part numbers. Team work makes the dream work!!!!! Shout out to Lori for coming to the office afterhours, opening the building up and helping me find the parts on the shelf before the courier got there. I believe that no other distributors can touch our service with a 100ft pole. The proof is in the pudding. Y'all have a great day and be safe out there.

Randy R.

I rarely meet my match in this industry when it comes to persistence and customer service. Today, you have shown me what a strong partner and persistent employees can do to aid strong regional players like ourselves and B&D along in this industry. I am proud to say that B&D has our back, and you let me know if there is anything we can do to have yours. Thank you again for your hard work and determination from start to finish to get the job done right. Thank you.

Dan R.

I just wanted to take a minute out of my day to let you guys know how much we appreciate you. At any giving time, I can call Rachael, Monty, and Marie and know they will do anything in their powers to help us. They have pulled us out of the ditch many times. Especially Rachael - I've called her many times and needed the part ASAP and she was able to get it done! Keep up the  great work.

Brian M.

Here we go again. You are so fast with your response that I had to go get my inhaler, so I could catch my breath. Have a great day.

Keith P.

I just wanted to you guys know in the last three months that I have taken over as Logistic Support for Maintenance - Brandon, Teri, and Marvin have done a great job with competitive pricing, quick response time, and awesome attitudes no matter the task. I appreciate everything you guys do for us and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Justin A.

Thank you for providing a quote for the new ABB drive so quickly. Also, the install went flawlessly and Brad arrived bright and early as promised and was very knowledgeable in setting the drive up. He also made suggestions and changes that helped our process run more smoothly. Thanks again for job well done. B&D will always be my first point of contact in the future.

Alan H.

It was great working with you today. Thanks for your assistance, it was awesome the way you took us step by step to set our equipment programming. I appreciate the time spent with us in this matter, we know it's very valuable.

Rafael O.

Together, We Can Design a More Reliable Path Forward.