Reliability Software, Powered B&D Industrial

Eliminate unplanned downtime and operational waste with VibePro and OptiPro.


VibePro is the future of predictive technology, accessible today. With VibePro, you can eliminate costly downtime by identifying faults before they result in unplanned equipment failure.

Protect Your Assets

Catch small faults early before they cause catastrophic failures, costing your repair time, repair costs, and expensive downtime.

Unified Data & Dashboard

Consolidate your vibration, balancing, shaft alignment, thermography, and ultrasound data into one simple-to-use platform.


OptiPro tracks and translates your diverse operational data into a unified dataspace, so you can weed out waste and make smarter decisions with full confidence.

Fully Integrated Device Manager

Gather and unify data from all your weights and measures legacy equipment from across your facility in real time.

Unified, Cloud-Based Dashboard

Integrate your data for fully informed decision making and optimization, reversing negative trends in their tracks.

Together, we can design a more reliable path forward

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