When John D. Nations founded B&D Industrial (originally named Bearings and Drives) in 1947, his vision was to create jobs and opportunities for people and to provide great products and services for his customers.

He succeeded.
Photo of John D. Nations next to an automobile
John D. Nations, 1986

What began as a $9,000 investment by Mr. Nations has grown into a $100 million success story only 3 generations later. Today, B&D Industrial supports 3 divisions—B&D Technologies, B&D Service and Scale Systems—while serving a broad industry customer base across the U.S.

B&D Technologies is a distributor for hundreds of manufacturers and produces custom solutions for a broad range of automation and mechanical applications. B&D Service is an industry-leading division with capabilities to service, repair and rebuild complex industrial rotating equipment. Scale Systems is one of the largest, most progressive industrial scale distributors in the country and provides custom industrial scale products and services.

B&D Technologies, B&D Service and Scale Systems operate over 30 facilities in Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Louisiana. Our employees range from engineers, software developers and certified service technicians to outside sales people and customer service representatives. We offer a wide range of services and product lines for industrial, commercial and utility customers.

In 2015, B&D Industrial rolled-out an Employee Stock Ownership Plan where the company became family and employee-owned.

Headquartered in Macon, Georgia, B&D remains a stalwart of traditional values and indomitable work ethic. We are proud to be a leading industrial solutions provider with a growing corporate footprint.