With the new Baldor 501 catalog, some users will notice that the Baldor General Purpose drive, the ACB530, is no longer included. This is because ABB is moving all the drives from the Baldor motor group to the ABB Drives group except some micro-drive products.

The ACB530 drive is basically the same hardware as the ABB ACS550 but with different parameterization that matched Baldor’s original drives prior to the ABB acquisition of Baldor.

The ACS550 is sold exclusively through the very limited ABB drive channel.

Open Call to Action

Any user, integrator, electrician or reseller/motor shop that has any ACB products currently installed and running has recourse with B&D Technologies. And here is the conversion list to the ABB drive: ACB530 to ACS550 List. We are offering special discounts for the conversion, parameter conversion assistance, and training.

These discounts expand through all the areas of ABB when purchasing items together to create a solution. E.g., the VFD, motor, gearing, bearings, breakers and transformers – pretty much all the divisions of ABB including Dodge, Baldor and Thomas & Betts.


This migration from the ACB to the ACS is really needed and here is why— the drives are all the same in the field. You have one common type surrounded by one common inventory and one common support structure. To be honest, the ACB had limited support because it was not supported by the ABB drives group or any firmware and advanced problems could not really be resolved easily nor quickly. This is not an indictment of lack of knowledge on the part of Baldor, I know many folks at Baldor that are brilliant at VFDs, and it is simply a matter of focus and broader support.

Last words

B&D Technologies’ journey with ABB began less 20 years ago, but our relationships with Dodge and Baldor span the full 70 years of our history.  B&D is one of a handful of companies that offers the complete ABB solution nationwide. Matched performance, matched warranties, global knowledge base and real partnerships.


CTolbert DOE