B&D Technologies continues to grow and expand. Our Norcross, Georgia facility just completed a substantial expansion to include a new and state-of-the-art Design and Build Laboratory.  This sizable lab provides our customers with unlimited drive offerings, custom-built to their particular needs.

B&D Technologies has been building drives for over 20 years. Customer demand for specific, made to order drives propelled us to further invest in this product and increase our high-tech lab space by an additional 2,000 square feet. This larger lab allows us to further control scheduling, quality, peripheral construction components and packaging—without having to utilize contract labor.  In addition, our strategic partners, like ABB, have cut back their customization offerings or eliminated the offerings completely. Even more reason for us to expand our lab.

Along with design, we will continue to test firmware, communication compatibility, performance and customer applications in our labs. The “Design and Build Lab” moniker seems to be appropriate as we are combining the functions into a much larger space and operation.

Comparing and contrasting some of our design abilities, the below bullets highlight major differences of our Design and Build Lab versus a traditional non-design labor provider:

  • UL508A-certified with approval at the highest levels from industry-leading vendors such as ABB
  • Our quality assurance program and safety program are compliant with OSHA and MSHA
  • We’ve been audited by third-party organizations and found compliant with design and practice
  • New design drive system offers up to 3,000HP and 700 VAC, including modification of factory designs
  • Innovative design features
    • More power-dense designs
    • Improved Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates
    • Exclusive use of ferules and proper torqueing techniques of power and control connections
    • Enhanced environmental controls including flange designs and cold plates
    • Custom wiring harnesses and enclosures
  • Testing and reliability features
    • Power-up diagnostics
    • Pre-programming and controls testing
    • Communication set-up and testing for Ethercat, EIP, Profinet, Powerlink, Modbus TCP/IP, and dozens of other protocols— even obscure ones like Arcnet and Selma
    • Thermal imaging to verify connections
    • Reporting is part of the testing and quality assurance deliverables

With this new lab, our biggest feature is the ability to customize and overcome what used to be prohibitive constraints. The following are 3 specific examples:

  1. Customer wanted to use a factory design 400HP ACS880 drive. But they wanted to add a 2 contactor bypass to the left side of the drive as well as an external disconnect for Arc Flash compliancy. We completed the pilot design and have completed 4 of these units for the customer.
  2. OEM needed a better design for geothermal energy recovery. We assessed the original design, proposed changes and built the customer 30 of the revised panels, delivered on time and under budget.
  3. We sat down with several customers that work in the farming community and asked, “If you could create the ultimate irrigation drive panel—what would you want?” The design outline in our last blog post, was a result of the conversation and design process. To date we have completed 15 custom ABB ACS580 drives in aluminum enclosures.

Many panel shops exist in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina but B&D Technologies features the only Design and Build Laboratory. We only sell what we design and we only design what we sell, customization is king. Schedule a tour, we will be happy to show you our lab and review your design to see if we can make improvements to reliability and create a better value.

C. Tolbert DOE