Custom Drive Panels


An engineering firm had an outrageous specification for a municipal water plant drive system. The firm’s
contractor worked with us to refine the specification to more practical terms and the end result turned out to be the most robust drive system design that we have ever created.

The system consisted of two standalone 200HP 460VAC ABB ACQ550 drives, housed in stainless steel enclosures with both an inside and outside door. The design used twin stainless steel AC units and over a dozen supplemental breakers for auxiliary systems.

The Challenges

The main challenge of this design was the custom enclosure. We work exclusively with B&D Fab (no relation) and together we created the “tank” that would enclose the drives. ABB provided the specialized and water industry specific ACQ550 drive since we are the ABB Water Channel partner in Florida.


Currently, there are many choices for drives available to end users and OEMs. The last count we had was 27 different brands. Include the online stores and the three big contract farming national PT distributors in North America (who rarely know how to spell VFD, let alone understand an application) versus the narcissistic and self-proclaimed “no one better than us at VFDs anywhere” on the radio. . . a great deal of confusion exists.

Our perspective is that ABB believes we stand out among the crowd with our rare distinction of being the first (and now one of three) Authorized Value Provider in the U.S. The majority of B&D Technologies’ specialists are former integrators who now focus on applications. More importantly, we believe in humility and honesty with our customers. Sometimes we pass on opportunities because they are just not viable, regardless of our competition saying yes just to earn a buck. And we find that many come back to us to fix problems created from inferior drive brands or poor designs.

Last Words

B&D Technologies designs hundreds of custom drive panels annually. Thanks to our strong partnerships, we have several talented integrators and panel shops busy with the actual construction to our very strict design specifications, in addition to our own team’s expertise building OEM pilot designs at our labs in Norcross, Georgia and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Want to learn more?  This video provides a sampling of the drives that B&D Technologies has built over the past few years:

C. Tolbert DOE