Everyone knows that mining in central Georgia is big business. B&D Technologies has been in this business for 70 years. We have seen generations of folks come through the end users as well as our folks servicing them. Two things remain the same — stuff breaks and we know how to fix it.


We had one of the large mines experience issues with spillage (waste) and reliability of a 24″ wide, 19° incline conveyor. Jerrod Rowland, an experienced Account Manager and our point person, designed a robust 30″ wide replacement using ABB components.


The new ABB Components used were:

  • Dodge System One Components included: (1) 16″ x 32″ Mine Duty Head Pulley Assy with S-2000 Pillow Blocks
  • Gravity Take-up Assy- (2) 14″ Snubber Pulleys with S-2000 Pillow Block Brgs and (1) 14″ Gravity Take-up Pulley with S-2000 Pillow Blocks Brgs
  • Tail Pulley Assy: (1) 14″ x 32″ Tail Pulley Assy with Dodge S-2000 Pillow blocks
  • Drive Assy: Dodge Motorized Torque (MTA)


B&D’s competitor quoted a typical shaft mount drive assembly. The customer wanted to eliminate any unnecessary components as well as any potential safety guarding. B&D Technologies provided them with a motorized torque design so that v-belt drive, motor mounts and, most importantly, the guarding was eliminated.

Side note on the MTA:
With 60 years of proven dependability and more than 1.8 million units in service throughout the world, Dodge Torque-Arm speed reducers are the standard of the industry and the benchmark to which others are compared. Responding to overwhelming customer demand, we have now introduced a line of HEAVY DUTY right angle beltless torque-arm reducers for customers who need the power and performance of a truly rugged gearbox for more demanding applications.



  • Heavy Duty AGMA rated design — Bearings are sized to conform to American Gear Manufacturers Association and American Bearing Manufacturers Association design of an unadjusted minimum of 25,000 hrs. Average life (L-50) in Class I applications. This is usually twice the bearing life of many competitive reducers that are not designed to this standard.
  • Ratings from 3hp to 100hp
  • Tapered roller bearings on all helical shafts
  • Premium HNBR oil seals with output excluder seals
  • Standard and short shaft twin-tapered bushings
  • Industry leading backstop design, EP lube
  • Standard screw conveyor adapter and drive shaft
  • Standard TA II torque arm rod kits
  • EZ Class I & II selection tables
  •  Rugged, high efficiency, case carburized helical/bevel gearing
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Reduced guarding costs
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Optional bushing end covers
  • Reducer mounts in multiple positions
  • Three-piece coupled design utilizes standard Baldor Electric NEMA c-face motors in two motor speeds and multiple gear ratios to provide a wide spectrum of output speeds
  • Patented twin taper bushing system
  • AGMA and ABMA rated
  • Advanced sealing system

Last Words

The start-up was on December 13, 2016. No issues at all on start-up- in a 12hr run time there was zero spillage. And today, is still going strong.

C. Tolbert DOE