A farmer approached B&D Technologies’ Applications Engineering Group with a request to design the best drive cabinet to run center pivots for irrigation. ABB and most other manufactures do not have a standard design with the following details:

  • Aluminum enclosures
  • Up to 350HP with bypass
  • EMI filters
  • Surge protection (SSPD)
  • Input and output reactors
  • Control signal protection
  • Pressure controlled with two PID loops and manual control

The design required some really creative thinking. The drive chosen was the new ABB ACS580 drive because of its power density and onboard PID control. We explored using the onboard customization called Drive AP, but ultimately used just parametrizations for simplicity.  We chose MTE input and output reactors and specialty parallel EMI filters from Enerdoor. We like the Enerdoor filter because the parallel design gives us the desired protection without the sizing constraints for consistency through the range of HPs. The aluminum enclosure is locally made by a partner that makes similar enclosures for Georgia Power.

The real challenge, however, was the power networks used by most farmers. One of the common designs is an IT (ungrounded) system and possibly a corner-grounded TN system. On the ABB ACS580, the internal EMC filter is not suitable for use on these types and must be disconnected. This is a common pitfall for some folks applying drives. If the onboard EMI filter is left connected, it provides a potential path to ground that can destroy the drive.  Needless to say, we disconnected the onboard EMI filter as well as modified the external Enerdoor parallel filter to be compatible.

Note: There is a discrepancy in the ACS580 manual with regard to which drives can be used with IT or TN networks.  We were told that ABB is fixing this.

Last Words

Customization though our Drives Wizard UL508 design and build laboratory allows for B&D Technologies to produce some of the most cutting-edge designs found anywhere.