Before: Wire-Style Belt

A customer is using a wire-style belt that runs through an oven for paint curing. The problem is that the conveyor belt is damaging the newly painted surface of the products. This creates a great deal of re-work and cost.


B&D Technologies Account Manager Randy Horn, with our branch in Valdosta, Georgia, recommended moving to a slat-style conveyor belt that was a better fit for the customer’s needs. In previous applications, B&D, along with a few different customers, performed a great deal of testing on various conveyor belts in oven and paint line applications.


We have seen a reduction in defects to the tune of 90%+ on this similar defect.  How much of a cost savings is that? We could estimate, but only the customer knows the actual dollar savings.  Needless to say it is a great deal.

Last Words

After: Slat-Style Conveyor Belt

With anything, it is great to hear and listen to a vendor/manufacturer speak to how great their products are and how the products will work advantageously in applications. Our Applications Engineering Group (AEG) likes to test these products either in conjunction with a willing customer or in one of our three labs. The validation allows us greater confidence in choosing the best technology for the application. Customers are always welcome to use our labs or have us test something for them.


Carl Tolbert DOE