As a top solutions provider, B&D Technologies is proud to announce a new partnership with SoftPLC that offers customers innovative solutions to replace outdated programmable logic controllers (PLC). SoftPLC Corporation is an industrial control provider of programmable automation controllers (PAC) and I/O, RTU/data loggers, protocol converters, HMI/SCADA systems, ruggedized SCADA/PLC firewalls and other related equipment. SoftPLC Corporation joins B&D Technologies’ growing list of over 300 global suppliers.

The highlight of this partnership is B&D Technologies’ ability to assist customers with replacing out of date PLC’s without replacing the entire system, which is both costly and cumbersome. SoftPLC’s products allow users to re-use all of the existing hardware and replace just the processor. This economical replacement approach is applicable for anything communicating via remote IO (RIO) or data highway plus (DH+) protocols that AB used for many years.

SoftPLC’s product line also bridges a substantial gap and allows B&D Technologies’ Applications Engineering Group to utilize industry-leading ABB drives on RIO and DH+ networks, while delivering cost-effective and simplistic drop-in designs. This product coupling results in an easy conversion, better performance and eliminates the need to annually spend thousands of dollars for ongoing product support.

“We are pleased to announce this new partnership with SoftPLC as it delivers cutting-edge and pioneering solutions for our customers. To ensure our team can immediately support this this new solution, B&D Technologies recently held a two-day comprehensive training session where nearly 20 specialists, engineers and salespeople were fully trained on SoftPLC’s products and capabilities,” said Benjamin Nations, vice president of B&D Industrial.

“We have extensive experience in the development of open architecture, productivity enhancing control products. Our innovative industrial software and hardware are truly ahead of their time— they not only address industry’s current requirements, but anticipate future needs,” said Cindy Hollenbeck, vice president of SoftPLC Corporation. “Every SoftPLC Corporation product is designed to establish new, higher performance benchmarks. Commitment to providing solutions to industry’s control problems goes beyond supplying superior products, and SoftPLC is dedicated to a total customer support program, where customer service comes first.”

Soft PLC products are widely utilized throughout the globe. SoftPLC-based systems generate over five percent of the electrical power for the United States and handles 60 percent of the water production and treatment applications in Taiwan. In the U.S., 17 percent of hydroelectric power is controlled by SoftPLC and the company is the go-to provider for the Army Corp. of Engineers.