As the only authorized southeastern distributor, B&D Technologies offers the manufacturer’s
innovative products which are designed for performing in the most challenging environments.

pb6-new-3B&D Technologies is proud to include Acura Embedded Systems in its growing list of high-tech product lines. Acura Embedded systems is a sophisticated manufacturer and designer of powerful and durable computers, touch screens and digital video recorders utilized by a variety of industries.

Acura Embedded Systems has been providing cutting-edge products for over 20 years and specializes in products that blend crucial durability with the best of technology including horsepower, storage capacity and ample customization. Durability is a key differentiation as its products are made to withstand extreme temperatures, regular cleanings, anti-bacterial treatments and even explosions. Specialized offerings include fanless computers for clean rooms, mining operations, food processing lines, sensitive medical equipment, marine, water/waste water and explosion-prone zones.

The Applications Engineering Group (AEG), B&D Technologies’ industry-exclusive team of highly-skilled engineers and specialists, seamlessly customize and deploy Acura Embedded System’s products to provide customers with exactly what they need for their most demanding applications. With compatibility as equally important as robust design, the AEG has successfully tested Acura Embedded Systems with several types of SCADA, PC Based Control, DAQ and HMI software packages.

acupanel-12“B&D Technologies is thrilled about this partnership as it fills a need in the industry for cutting edge, powerful computers that can operate in challenging and often harsh environments. These features, combined with its relative affordability, are why our sales and engineering teams are pleased to offer this new product line,” said Ben Nations, vice president of B&D Technologies.

“As a complete solution provider, we advocate for interoperability, connectivity and simplicity. This is why all of our products are designed to be used as an open platform; meaning that we use all industry standard connections so the customer can integrate other obsolete and cutting-edge technology pieces without having to worry about proprietary connections,” said Preet Thind, CEO of Acura Embedded Systems. “Our partnership with B&D Technologies allows customers to receive our durable and powerful products that are supported and customized by their highly skilled Applications Engineering Group.”