The Application

A long-term customer of B&D Technologies had an interesting dilemma. The customer had an application were they needed to perform an unwind/wind design as well as a positional index. This compounds two of the more advanced applications we see with variable speed drives (VFDs) and motion control.

Application details:

  • 2 second move
  • Triangular move 1 sec accell/decell
  • 12ft move
  • Equals 12 ft/s max speed
  • 25” thickness
  • 2500 lb roll @ 12” ID and 24” OD = 1023 lb/in³
  • 25 plf = 150 lb tension
  • 400 lb @12” diameter roll = 2.11 kgm²

The Solution

Thanks to our solid relationship with Lenze, we used two G500 Gearmotors and an i700 double servo inverter to run the motion with a 3200C motion controller while utilizing Lenze’s application blocks for the wind/unwind and 12 foot index. The i700 is a powerful and innovative design. It is a rare sight to see a double inverter outside of specialty applications.  And the 3200C motion controller allows us to communicate to the Rockwell system of Ethernet IP.

Our Applications Engineering Group (AEG) has some interesting observations about Lenze:

  • Large company with the small company feel that is the same age as B&D with similar roots in the industry.
  • When we contact customer service and engineering at the factory, they know who we are.
  • The website’s basic and advanced sizing tools are the best we have used
  • The website’s “Product Finder” is equally as impressive

Last Words

In this day and age, there are lots of choices for manufacturers as well as distributors. The challenge is, and always will be, the hardware/software performance, ease of design and the comprehensive support. Based on our experience, we are very confident that Lenze will allow B&D to fulfill all of these requirements for these tough applications.

C.Tolbert DOE