Services & Solutions

Industrial Expertise

At B&D Technologies, we provide knowledge and expertise in addition to first-rate products. Our unmatched services and experience are grounded in a foundation of solid engineering, skilled methodology and industry best practices.

For B&D Technologies, it always starts with the application. We work from the start of the process which is the static load and then we work through the kinetics which are the mechanical bearing elements and power transmission. Then we move to the prime mover which is the AC, DC, or servo motor — the motor control which is a full voltage or reduced voltage starters, AC, DC, or servo drive. We finish with the controls and power feed into the system. No one understands this process of evaluation as much as we do with 70+ years of industry experience. Our solutions draw from only the best brands as well as complete custom solutions designed and built by us right here in your local community.

B&D Technologies offers:

  • Onsite assistance with engineering, evaluation, and troubleshooting of critical automation and mechanical processes
  • Complete power transmission, electric motor and AC/DC drive packaged solutions
  • Machine optimization and comprehensive analyses for asset management, MRO, and maintenance requirements
  • Bulk material handling screw, belt, elevator and drag designs
  • Custom automation and multi-axis motion control solutions
  • We specialize in winding and tension control applications for paper, textile, and plastics
  • Design and engineering of test stand solutions for aerospace, automotive, universities, and OEMs
  • We design complete safety solutions including custom fencing and guards, light curtains, and integration into existing control systems for compliance and risk assessment requirements
  • Thousands of automation and mechanical parts with same-day shipping
  • A network of vetted engineering and integration partners
  • Quality control testing on-site and in lab settings prior to solution deployment in the field

Core Offerings

  • Bearings and Mechanical Power Transmission solutions
  • LV and MV AC and DC drive solutions to 4,000HP
  • MRO and maintenance solutions
  • Bulk material handling design and integration
  • Custom UL508A panel designs for end users and OEMs
  • Automation and Motion Control solutions
  • Test Stands for OEMs and Laboratories
  • Safety system design

Engineering Services

Ul508a Design and Build Laboratory

With over 20 years of experience in panel design, we’ve designed and deployed thousands of custom panel systems. Our in-house panel building laboratory in Georgia allows our team to expertly design and build custom panels that meet or exceed UL508A guidelines — the standard for industrial control panels. This cutting-edge lab, coupled with our skillful design and engineering team, allows us to swiftly create the overall design with reference to current life cycle components, functionality, robustness and aesthetics. B&D specializes in design and modification of AC/DC motor control and motion control systems to 4,000HP at 700VAC. All panels come with a standard manufacturers’ warranty, with an additional 6-year warranty option available.

Onsite Drive Retrofit

Sometimes, replacing an entire system is not an option. Our team of engineers are available to assess the situation and craft a retrofit solution. This service includes planning, redesign and onsite installation.

Electronic Repair & Rebuild

The electronic repair program includes critical and preemptive repairs utilizing military-grade specs and components. B&D Technologies provides a 3-year warranty — an industry exclusive. This includes all materials and workmanship after the item is installed.

  • 5-day turnaround for most equipment
  • Corrosion-fighting, ultrasonic cleaning process for the circuit board to maximize product lifespan
  • Proprietary circuit board encapsulation method, sealing the circuit board with a moisture-repelling coating
  • Ongoing, comprehensive technical assistance, including after-sale support

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering solves the problem for many customers who are unable to replace a major component of a system. Through our reverse engineering, we perform a series of exercises and extract design information from a product to reproduce it — no OEM information needed.

Power Transmission Design

With over 70 years of serving industry, we are well-versed in power transmission. Our AEG can compute the torque and speed requirements of virtually any transmission. We specialize in matching VFDs, motors and enclosed gearings sets to accommodate the application within budget while maximizing mean time before failure (MTBF) rates.

Custom Enclosures

We excel at custom enclosures! Built in Atlanta, we fabricate with stainless steel, painted steel or aluminum. Our UL-certified custom enclosures are made to any size and configuration — easily accommodating customizations such as cut-outs and back plates. We provide rapid turnaround! Lead time is 2-4 weeks based on size and materials.

Onsite Maintenance & Monitoring Contracts

Established maintenance and training programs are integral to ensuring reliability and uptime. The B&D Technologies team works onsite with plant personnel to understand operational requirements and provides options to further optimize plant reliability.

Laboratory Testing

B&D Technologies has 3 labs designed to test new products, conduct training, check compatibility and troubleshoot persistent problems.

Drives Wizard Remote Monitoring

B&D includes our Drives Wizard brand of remote monitoring hardware on systems we build or for systems that users already have in the field. Our Drives Wizard features:

  • Custom dashboards to optimize machine health
  • Monitoring and alarm management for system health measuring power, vibration, temperature and other critical data
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

Custom Wire Harnesses

We craft all types of harnesses— from one piece to unlimited quantities. Taking into consideration application data, connector types, length, ampacity and voltage, we custom-craft to meet precise application needs. Or better yet, send us one to re-engineer