Gearbox Rebuild Process

B&D Service’s unique rebuild process is the best in the business.

B&D Service dominates the gearbox repair market in the southeast.  For the past 30 years, we’ve finely tuned our process to ensure the finished product operates at maximum efficiency.  Customers who utilize our gearbox repair process and choose remanufactured speed reducers as an alternative to new equipment, save 40% to 50%.

All of our boxes come with a warranty and can be installed, tested and maintained by our crews.


Delivery & Prioritizing

Our meticulous and tightly monitored rebuild process begins when a gearbox or damaged part is received at intake in a B&D Service center. We initiate a total breakdown, during which parts are inspected, catalogued and photographed, and the unit is scheduled for teardown.


Failure Analysis

Using state-of-the-art FaroArm technology and 3D measurement tools, our engineers zero-in on faulty gear systems at the microscopic level. Our experts couple the high-powered inspection tool with innovative software integrations to use the FaroArm’s powerful reverse-engineering capabilities. These combined technologies enable our specialists to rapidly analyze the root cause of the failure and uncover any unforeseen issues in the process.


Unique Cleaning Process

B&D Service’s policy is that no inspection or assembly should begin without thoroughly cleaning all parts. We use a hot caustic vat to dip all housings and parts for up to 24 hours. This step ensures the removal of paint, grime, oil, rust and other debris from all surfaces and lines. This is followed by a comprehensive power wash with hot steam. The mechanical parts are delivered to technicians who manually polish, clean and prep the parts, removing any remaining debris and rust. Then cases, shafts and gearings are given a second inspection for cracks, and signs of damaging wear and are primed for the rebuild process.


Inspection Report

An inspection report, action plan and service quote with recommended improvements designed to decrease the chance of recurring failure and extend unit life, is prepared and sent to the customer for approval. Along with other potential scenarios, these recommendations may include higher quality gearing, bearing modifications or seal design changes.


Repair, Rebuild, Reassemble

Next, the gearbox is repaired (as needed), rebuilt and ready for reassembly in the Clean Room. The pristine, lab-like environment is carefully monitored at all times and even has an air intake system that is separate from the other stations in the service center. Gearbox specialists reassemble the equipment at this stage, repurposing bolts, studs and pipe fittings when possible.


Quality Assurance

Our thorough testing procedures ensure quality control. Repaired and overhauled gearboxes are tested in a non-loaded state for 4 to 12 hours to check and record vibration, abnormal noise, leaks and temperature. If test results are out of accordance, we adjust as needed and retest the unit.



All exterior surfaces are prepared for painting and the unit is sprayed B&D Blue, a hallmark color we have used in-house for over 25 years. Both enamel and epoxy paints are available based on the application environment.



Units are packaged on custom-made, heavy-duty oak pallets and loaded for return transport along with a final quality assurance and failure analysis report. For pristine long-term storage of industrial parts, we offer specially made crates with vibration pads and desiccant moisture-absorbent packets.

B&D Service is an authorized IG Rebuild Center for Eurodrive gearboxes and an approved rebuild facility for SPX-Marley cooling tower gearboxes.

We also service:

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  • Black Clawson
  • Browning
  • Chemineer
  • Cone Drive
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  • David Brown
  • Dodge
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  • Foot-Jones
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  • Horsburgh & Scott
  • Lightnin
  • Link-belt
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