Engineering Group

B&D Service’s Engineering Group is a highly specialized team of mechanical engineers, mechanical draftsmen and gearing specialists.

Together, they offer over 200 years of combined experience in field service and onsite repair work.

bd-services-engineering-pageCustom Solutions

The Engineering Group devises and implements custom solutions based on the customer’s needs, with the goal of enhancing overall efficiencies. Rather than focusing on a single aspect of the issue, the group analyzes the total picture to ensure every part of your production environment is optimized to produce a longer life expectancy from each component. The Engineering Group also examines critical failure cases with in-depth analysis to determine root cause and to provide custom preventative solutions that minimize the likelihood of recurring issues.

Specialized Expertise

Our experienced team excels at assessing the problem, addressing it quickly and devising cost-conscious solutions. Whether that entails responding to a catastrophic failure, changing out equipment during scheduled outages or providing ongoing maintenance, the Engineering Group can handle all aspects of your mechanical needs.