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History | B&D Industrial


When John D. Nations founded B&D Industrial (originally named "Bearings and Drives") in 1947, his vision was to solve customer challenges by creating innovative solutions and providing great products and services. To achieve this goal, he started by hiring great people who lived in the local communities.

The 2020s and Beyond


John D. Nations, 1986

What began as a $9,000 investment by Mr. Nations has grown into a $100+ million success story only three generations later. Today, B&D Industrial supports several areas of specific expertise with several B&D divisions— MRO + Automation, Gearing + Reliability, Scale Systems, Western Machine, and Industrial Control Direct —providing service to a broad industry base across the US.

B&D Industrial operates over 30 facilities in Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Washington. Our employees range from engineers, software developers, and certified service technicians to outside salespeople and customer service representatives. We offer a wide range of services and product lines for industrial, commercial, and utility customers.



In 2015, B&D Industrial rolled-out an employee stock ownership plan, and the company became family and employee-owned.

Headquartered in Macon and Norcross, Georgia, B&D remains a traditional company based on core values and still follows John D. Nation's vision of solving customer problems with the best people. At B&D, we are proud of who we are and of being a leader on the cutting edge of technology and service being members of PTDA, BSA, AHTD, and several other key trade associations.