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B&D Industrial
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Industrial Scales

Lab balances and moisture analyzers from .01 milligram resolution to meet your most demanding laboratory requirements.

Manual or automated filling systems to increase productivity throughput as well as fill accuracy. (See JagBatch Software below).

Bench and portable scale base - constructed of carbon or stainless steel - ranging from 9"x9" to 24"x 30" with capacities from 50 lbs. to 1000 lbs.

Counting Scales
Counting scale selections for inventory and production operations, including standalone and multi platform applications.

Crane Scales
Crane scale weighing solutions featuring traditional hard wired or radio frequency controlled instrumentation.

Semi- or fully automated drum and tote fillers for single or multiple containers. We feature special delivery systems for food grade or highly corrosive products.

Forklift Scales
Forklift scales can improve production or warehouse material handling logistics and include legal-for-trade models.

Hazardous Area

Scale Systems offers a wide variety of instrumentation for hazardous rated areas, from battery operated to NEMA 7/9 enclosures.

High Precision
Force restoration technology featured in our High Precision products provides approximately ten times the accuracy of traditional strain guage weighing systems. Applications range from counting scales to 12,000 lb. platform scales.

Hydrostatic Scales
Hydrostatic technology combines electronic instrumentation with a hydrostatic load cell weight sensing system. Excellent where hazardous area, washdown or electrical environmental concerns are present. Applications: Bench, platform, tank, truck and rail weighing systems.

Scale Systems offers a wide range of instrumentation, providing connectivity to PLC's and PC's via several methodologies. From simple weight display to complex data and process solutions, we have the products to meet all your environmental and technical requirements.

In-Motion Checkweighers
From 10 to 250 lb. capacities and up to speeds of 500 feet per minute, we can provide in-motion checkweighing for a range of products, incorporating bar code and RF ID as required.

TaskExpert Software Solutions
Our PC-based  ScalTrak™ software solutions focus on automated data collection for industry.  Featuring wired/wireless, serial ASCII and/or TCP/IP Ethernet communications, specific applications include ScalTrak VST (Vehicle Scale Tracking); ScalTrak PRO (Production Tracking) and ScalTrak SQC/SPC (Quality Assurance/Control).

Weigh Modules & Load Cells
Weigh Modules & Load Cells
We offer all makes and model of load cells: S-type, shear beam, canister, double-ended shear beam and many others - to meet all of your load cell needs.

Platform Scales
Featuring a wide variety of platform sizes, capacities, construction materials, and technologies (three!), our platform scale product lines improve both production and warehouse activities.

ScalTrak™ Software Solutions
Our ScalTrak solutions are Windows 2000/XP-based software modules designed to automate data collection from the truck scales through receiving, work-in-process, inventory and shipping functions. Utilizing serial, RF and Ethernet enabled data communications, our ScalTrak VST, ScalTrak INV, and ScalTrak PRO products are proven solutions.

Tank & Hopper Scales
In either compression or suspension weighing applications, we have the experience and the expertise required for successful tank and hopper scale installations. Our Fabrication Services group provides on-site installation services for unique requirements.

Truck Scales
We offer a variety of weighing technologies (analog, digital or hydrostatic) and rated capacities to meet both low and high volume truck traffic sites. Coupled with our ScalTrak™ VST and numerous accessories (scoreboards, unattended stations, RF systems, intercoms and video cameras), we can provide turnkey installation of your facilities "cash register".

Rail Scales
Our rail scale offerings include both static and in-motion weighing systems and include Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) capabilities via RFID hardware and software. We also retrofit existing rail scales.

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