Known for its user-friendly interface, quality and versatility,
B&D Technologies’ customers will experience increased uptime and lower overhead costs.

baumer_logoB&D Technologies is proud to announce a partnership with Baumer which designates the manufacturer as its primary line of encoders. This partnership provides customers with leading programmable and incremental encoders with versatility for a multitude of applications, while offering a valuable cost savings as customers no longer need to stock multiple encoders.

Since 2002, B&D Technologies has been providing Baumer encoders to customers across the Southeast. Baumer is a premiere global manufacturer of encoders, sensors, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. As a leader in its field, Baumer encoders are user-friendly and provide the greatest range of flexibility for scores of applications.

Developed exclusively for the varied North American applications and markets, Baumer’s programmable HS35P, is designed to fit into the most common hollow shaft applications where other brands require fixed program versions. The HS35P is suitable for a wide range of incredibly diverse applications and features a programmable line count of up to 8,192 pulses per revolution (32,783 post quad), an ability to adjust electric interface levels from TTL to HTL and utilizes a programmable index pulse. The encoders come with mechanical adapters to fit shafts from 10 millimeters to one inch in both metric and imperial increments, along with field interchangeable